The CRA8 fishery is the largest mainland fishery geographically. The region extends from Long Point south to Stewart Island and the Snares, the islands and coastline of Foveaux Strait, and then northwards along the Fiordland coastline to Bruce Bay. While the overall area is large almost all fishing occurs within 8 km of the shore.

CRA8 Fishery management and statistical areas

A total allowable catch (TAC) of 1282.7 tonnes was set for the 2020/21 fishing year. A total of 29 tonnes is set aside for amateur catch and 30 tonnes is provided for customary catch. The total allowable commercial catch (TACC) is set at 1191.7 tonnes.

There are 146 CRA8 quota share owners and shares trade more than $1,800,000 per tonne equivalent. There are 76 annual catch entitlement (ACE) owners and for the 2019/20 season ACE was trading at $60/kg.

In the same period there were 65 commercial vessels reporting CRA8 landings. The CRA8 fleet operates in the most remote coastal areas of South Westland and Fiordland. The value of the landed catch is estimated to be $122.4 million (based on average port price paid to fishermen). The industry supplies processing and export operations in Te Anau, Riverton, Stewart Island, Invercargill, Bluff, Christchurch and Auckland.